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Candidates can only apply for ONE exam, either the Spring or Autumn exam. Breach of this condition may result in both applications being deleted from the system (and no reimbursements are issued in either case) so it is essential that you commit to only one. Please ensure that you choose the correct application link according to your exam choice (Spring/Autumn) and qualification status (Specialist/Resident)

Applications for the Spring & Autumn exams have now closed as the maximum capacity has been reached. A Wait List for both exams is now open. To apply for the Wait list please click below.

We are unable to estimate when we will be able to inform you if you can sit the exam. Candidates who are on the wait list will be moved up as we receive cancellations. The number of cancellations we receive will depend on whether we will be able to accommodate your application.


AUTUMN EBOD EXAM Berlin, 8-9 October 2020

Candidates applying as Residents must be in their final year of residency AT THE TIME OF THE EXAM

Candidates applying as Specialists must have qualified as a Specialist at the TIME OF APPLICATION

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