EBO Educational Exchange Grant Information

EBO will be offering 40 exchange grants this year through its Residency Exchange Programme

It is a continuous policy of the European Board of Ophthalmology to encourage ophthalmologists to share their knowledge within the countries of the European Union in order to achieve the highest standards of training.

Through its Residency Review programme, the EBO has established a strong network of training centres around Europe, which it has reviewed and certified as EBO accredited. Exchange of residents among these institutions has been taking place since 2001. From that point on training resident ophthalmologists have been offered the possibility of exchange in order to unify teaching and training practices.

In addition to facilitating this exchange process, the EBO will also encourage teaching centres to both, apply for EBO Certification from the Residency Review Committee and encourage their residents to attend the EBO Diploma Examination.

It is expected that, while initially the network of certified teaching centres will see a transfer of knowledge from the existing centres to the new ones, it will soon plateau to offer equal educational standards in ophthalmology throughout certified training centres in Europe.


Applicants must be residents from European University teaching centres, upon approval and recommendation by the local Chair/University Administration.

NEW: Applications are not complete without approval letter from programme chair/head of department/clinic. Please have your approval letter ready to upload on the application form.

Please see template of approval letter

–  Applicants in their final year will be prioritised for selection. In the interest of fairness, previous EBO (& SOE) grant winners will not be considered.

Applicants are required to apply to an EBO accredited centre, it is not essential for the sending centres to be have this accreditation (although they will need to be academic). The period of exchange is one month for residents. The receiving centre is obliged to send a confirmation letter stating that it is willing to accept the candidate for the term stated above. The chosen resident will receive from EBO an honorarium of 1500 euro, to compensate for travel expenses. He/she will be expected to cover any additional expenses or to negotiate them with their home chairperson.

Please do not contact centres following your application. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of the review process following the application deadline. Grant winners will be sent detailed instructions.

NEW: Programme chair/head of department/clinic ensures, that a short written report must be submitted by the grant recipient for the review of the Board after the exchange has been completed.

Application deadline: 18.00 CET on December 5th

Applications closed.

Resident Exchange Centers


University Hospital Center Sestre Milosrdnice , University Department of Ophthalmology, Vinogradska 29, Zagreb


Ankara University


University Hospital of Strasbourg, Ophthalmology Department


East Tallinn Central Hospital Eye Clinic


Univ. Eye Hosp. Ljubljana, Slovenia


University Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid


Clinical Emergency Eye Hospital Bucharest


Eye Clinic Sulzbach, Germany


Department of Ophthalmology, Medical University Graz

To view full list of centers please click below

View All Resident Exchange Centers

Previous Grant Winners

2019 Grant Winners

Last Name First Name Country Last Name First Name Country
Carneiro Inés PORTUGAL Mercut Maria Filoftea ROMANIA
Christou Panayiotis BULGARIA Mihaila Bogdan ROMANIA
Cirigliano Gabriella ITALY Petrova Mirela BULGARIA
Darabus Diana Maria ROMANIA Pytrus Wiktoria POLAND
Dordea Elena ROMANIA Radeva Mladena BULGARIA
Drucka Eva LATVIA Randelovic Karla CROATIA
Gale Arnold Gyorgy HUNGARY Turczynowska Magdalena POLAND
Gula Grzegorz POLAND Vucinovic Ana CROATIA
Kopec Malgorzata POLAND Wiacek Marta POLAND
Lubik Antonela MACEDONIA

2018 Grant Winners  


Last Name First Name Country Last Name First Name Country
Barac Cosmina ROMANIA Przybek-Skrzypecka Joanna POLAND
Bayoudh Wesal GERMANY Schlenzka Anna FINLAND
Behaegel Josephine BELGIUM Toth Gabor HUNGARY
de Castro Asarta Alberto SPAIN Turka Ineta LATVIA
Derebecka Magdalena POLAND Velikova-Pavlova Nora BULGARIA
Horvath Hajnalka HUNGARY Virtanen Aapo FINLAND
Papazoglou Anthia SWITZERLAND Yazgan Serpil TURKEY

2017 Grant Winners  

Last Name First Name Country Last Name First Name Country
Binczyk-Wesolowska Ewelina POLAND Lopez Celiz Paula DENMARK
Kapantais Dimitrios GREECE Orsolya Németh HUNGARY
Kulik Urszula SWEDEN

2016 Grant Winners

Last Name First Name Country Last Name First Name Country
Andreev Yordan BULGARIA Macurova Magdalena CZECH REPUBLIC
Bolados Ugrinovic Rodolfo Nikolas SPAIN Putnik Mariliis ESTONIA
Danila Tabacaru Mirela ROMANIA Montén Adam SWEDEN
Danilevièienë Vilija LITHUANIA Palii Olena ROMANIA
Di Lauro Salvatore SPAIN Paris Liliana PORTUGAL
Dobovšek Divjak Darja SLOVENIA Parmann Rait ESTONIA
Dogaroiu Anca Cristina ROMANIA Post Michal POLAND
Gagova Bilyana BULGARIA Radwan Mahmoud UNITED KINGDOM
Grigore Florentina Cristina ROMANIA Stoykova Vladimira BULGARIA
Kotnik Tinka SLOVENIA Taneva Desislava BULGARIA
Lidia Kun HUNGARY Teppo Reeta FINLAND

2015 Grant Winners 

Last Name First Name Country Last Name First Name Country
Baniuliene Gintare LITHUANIA Milosev Branko SLOVENIA
Bartos Marcel SLOVAKIA Passa Vasiliki GREECE
Borcz Emilia POLAND Poltorak Klaudia POLAND
Coman Ioana Cristina ROMANIA Ruutila Minna FINLAND
Floria Oana ROMANIA Samadi Behrad SWEDEN
Georgiev Ivan BULGARIA Stefan Irina ROMANIA
Jablonska Anna POLAND Stepanov Alexandr CZECH REPUBLIC
Kotseva-Botsevska Natalia BULGARIA Stoyanova Kalina BULGARIA
Kouros Panagiotis SWITZERLAND Tarazona Jaimes Claudia Patricia SPAIN
Manco Lavado Felix SPAIN Tudosescu Ruxandra ROMANIA
Mélanie Lampe BELGIUM

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