EBO Diploma Preparation Workshops (New in 2023)

DOG September 28th 2023 from 08:00 to 18:15

Estrel Berlin room A and online


Topic A1 Optic Refraction    

Oliver Ehrt, Munich                                           Anisometropia and Aniseiconia

EBO – Anna Maino, Manchester                     MCQs and VV



Topic A2 Pediatric and Strabismus

Helena Buch Hesgaard, Copenhagen             Evidence based amblyopia treatment

EBO, Huban Atilla, Ankara                              MCQs and VV



Topic B1 Cornea External Diseases

Harminder Dua, Nottingham                          Bacterial keratitis: an approach to diagnosis and management

EBO – Tristan Bourcier, Strasbourg                 MCQs and VV



Topic B2 Orbit, adnexa

Christoph Hintschich, Munich                        Orbita – Essentials

EBO – Renata Ivekovic, Zagreb                        MCQs and VV



Keynote Lecture DOG 


Honoring of Tero Kivela, winner of the Peter Eustace Medal 2022



Topic D2 Uveitis                                            

Uwe Pleyer, Berlin                                             White dot syndroms” –a “template” for intraocular inflammation?

EBO – Marcin Stopa, Poznan                           MCQs and VV



Topic D1 Retina

Heinrich Heimann, Liverpool                          Ocular oncology – most common differential diagnosis and treatment

EBO – Siegfried Priglinger, Munich                 MCQs and VV



Topic C2 Cataract Refractive

Thomas Kohnen, Frankfurt                                Modern Cataract Surgery: Diagnostics, IOLs and Surgery

EBO Sorcha Ní Dhubhghaill, Antwerp              MCQs and VV



Topic C1 Glaucoma

Barbara Teuchner, Innsbruck                          Optic disc imaging in glaucoma

EBO – Barbara Cvnekel, Ljubljana                   MCQs and VV



Insider Tips

Tristan Bourcier, Strasbourg                          EBOD online exam: a tutorial

Brendan Strong, Dublin                                  Insane (but true) ways to fail the EBOD exam

Anna Maino, Manchester                               How to slay MCQs



Tristan Bourcier

(Presentation and honoring of the FEBO winners of the previous year)



With best wishes

Anna Maino, Siegfried Priglinger and Tristan Bourcier on behalf of the EBO executive committee

March 2023

Deadline to register your interest is Closed


The recordings of the EBO Exam Workshop held on May 6th 2023 are now available:

As in the last two years, Spring and Autumn EBOD exams will be held online in 2023 on May 12th and October 13th, respectively. We are therefore very pleased to invite the 2023 candidates to EBO Diploma Preparation Workshops organized by EBO education committee during the SFO (May 6th, 2023) and DOG (September 28th) meetings.

International experts will discuss EBOD-related topics and questions of the previous EBOD exams will be shared with the audience. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to learn important organizational details regarding the format of the exam.

Candidates could attend free of charge to these live events onsite (Paris and/or Berlin), or online. They will receive a personal invitation by email. All other interested colleagues, who are registered for the SFO or DOG, are also welcome to participate in these workshops, which will offer an excellent overview of a large area of ophthalmology in a condensed form.


The programme and speakers are the following:


SFO May 6th 2023 from 14H15 to 18H00

Room 253 Palais des Congrès de Paris and online


  1. Intravitreal anti-VEGF: how does it really work? (Elodie Bousquet, Paris)
  2. Steroids as treatments of posterior segment diseases (Laurent Kodjikian, Lyon)
  3. Medical options in glaucoma (Alain Bron, Dijon)
  4. Eye drops for dry eye diseases: actions, kinetics and novel therapeutic targets (Elisabeth Messmer, Munich)
  5. EBOD online exam: a tutorial (Tristan Bourcier, Strasbourg)
  6. Insane (but true) ways to fail the EBOD online exam (Brendan Strong, Dublin)
  7. How to slay MCQs (Anna Maino, Manchester)
  8. Can you beat the EdCo? Live quiz (Education Committee)


Presentations 1 to 4 are part of the 2023 EBO/SFO join symposium


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