Peter Eustace Medal Lecture 2015: Marie-Jose Tassignon

Source: GavinFddds Farrelly Tuesday 15 Mar 2016

EBO Eustace Medal for excellence of education (Paris, May 9th, 2015)

I am very honored and proud for having been appointed this prestigious EBO Medal.
The vision of the European Union in the nineties was focused on the harmonization of education, practice and knowledge in ophthalmology and was as such a very noble and challenging goal. It took many years to have the process started and gathering those people who would make the difference.

Luck is taking the opportunities at the right moment with the right team. This happened during my term as president of the EBO. The right board, the help of the congress organiser Agenda and later on the enthusiasm of Danny Mathysen who wrote his PhD on the white book of the EBOD and validation of the different EBOD editions.

The proof of success is you, present here today in such a large number and it is expected that this number should even double in the coming years.

You will be the organisers of EBOD of tomorrow and will prove once again that scientists are more likely to realise Europe than the politicians, still struggling with their economics.
I wish the EBO the continuous luck it deserves and the strength to help these European countries who are or will be in need for support!

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