Testimonials from EBOD Medal Winners 2017

Source: GavinFddds Farrelly Friday 14 Jul 2017

Katja Matovic, Slovenia, Winner of the Alan Ridgway Award

International training and observerships are strongly encouraged by Slovenian ophthalmology authorities, so it was highly recommended to take the EBO examination. Moreover, the EBO exam substitutes for the theoretical part of our national exam.
Both the written and viva voce part of the examination were fair. The written exam was detailed but objective. In the oral examinations, all the examiners were kind and cases and discussions were interesting.
Not only was the exam a positive experience, but I believe the experience could play a very important role in my ophthalmological career. My 
plan in the short-term is to 
secure a fellowship and implement the clinical skills obtained in daily practice.
Education is a lifelong pursuit and my goal is to continue to upgrade my knowledge in ophthalmology in the years ahead.”

Marvin Marti, Switzerland, Joint Overall Winner 2017

In Switzerland, the EBO examination is taken by all candidates after completion of their third year of residency as part of becoming an ophthalmology specialist/consultant.
Passing the exam is required for further employment as a consultant, which is often already lined up.
This puts on quite some pressure. The high pass rate may seem reassuring but it is stressful at the same time – nobody wants to be the one to go through the trouble twice.
However, the atmosphere of the exam was very pleasant and all of the examiners were extremely friendly and fair. So overall the EBO exam will remain a good memory.
I will be working at the University Hospital Zurich for another year and aspire to attain a fellowship abroad thereafter.

Eliane Vogler, Switzerland, Joint Overall Winner 2017

The Swiss Board of Ophthalmology has replaced their board certification exams with the EBO examination, so we are obliged to take the EBO exam in order to get our licence.
I went to the exam with some good friends of mine from work and it was a special experience in that we all passed the exam and took our final step to becoming fully-qualified ophthalmologists together.
For ophthalmologists who don’t need to participate at the exam, it is a great opportunity to train for their board exams back home and get some experience, especially with the oral exams. Paris is also a lovely city in which to spend a weekend.
In July, I start as a senior physician in Lucerne, Switzerland, with the main focus on oculoplastics. For the near future I also intend to pursue a fellowship abroad.”

Source www.eurotimes.org

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