Residency Exchange Committee

It is a continuous policy of the European Board of Ophthalmology to encourage ophthalmologists to share their knowledge within the countries of the European Union in order to achieve the highest standards of training.

EBO offers 10 training grants annually through its Residency Exchange Programme. EBO has established a network of training centres that have received its certification. Exchange of residents among EBO-certified institutions has been taking place since 2001. From that point on training ophthalmologists have been offered the possibility of exchange in order to unify training practices. Changes to the member countries within the EU presents a new challenge to the EBO since ophthalmic care in these countries may have had different historical and professional background.

In addition to facilitating this residency exchange process, the EBO also encourages teaching centres to both, apply for EBO Certification from the EBO Residency Review Committee and encourage their residents to attend the EBO Diploma Examination. It is expected that, while initially the network of certified teaching centres will see a transfer of knowledge from the existing centres to the new ones, it will soon plateau to offer equal educational standards in ophthalmology throughout certified training centres in Europe.

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