Joint Examination Board

EBO Examination in Strabismus and Paedriatric Ophthalmology


1. To take overall responsibility for the setting and marking of the EBO Subspecialty Examination in Strabismus and Paediatric Ophthalmology.

2. To appoint examiners.

3. To monitor the results of each examination.

4. To consider any appeals about the conduct of the examination


1. The Board shall consist of 5 members appointed by the European Strabismological Association, 5 members appointed by the European Paediatric Ophthalmology Society, one member appointed by the European Board of Ophthalmology and one non-voting member nominated by Agenda for advice and administrative support. The maximum tenure for voting members shall be 6 years. These numbers may be varied by mutual consent of ESA and EPOS. In the event of a member being unable to attend a meeting the relevant association may appoint a deputy who may vote. Other members of ESA and EPOS may attend meetings by invitation and participate in the discussion, but not vote.

2. The board shall elect its own chair and secretary. The chair shall be from ESA and the secretary from EPOS, or vice versa, and the posts shall alternate between the two organizations. The maximum length of tenure for either post shall be two years.

3. Each member shall have one vote, with the exception of the nominee from Agenda. In the event of a tie the chair will have a casting vote.


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