EBO Autumn Exam, Online, October 13th 2023

Applications for the Autumn EBO Online Exam on October 13th 2023 are now open: EBO Application 2023 | (ebo-online.org) Application Deadline: April 3rd 2023

FEBOS Cataract & Refractive Exam 2023

Applications for the FEBOS CR Exam 2023 are now open: EBO-ESCRS Subspecialty Exam | (ebo-online.org) The FEBOS CR Exam will be held on Monday 11th September 2023 in Vienna. Application Deadline: March 12th 2023

EBO-EURETINA Subspecialty Exam 2023

General Information The EBO and Euretina have come together to develop the FEBOS-R qualification. The purpose of this qualification is to harmonise the standard of expected knowledge and clinical acumen for retina specialists across Europe. The exam will assess candidates’ ability to manage a retina clinic. It could be seen as an “exit” exam, that […]

EBO Exam Report- Online September 2022

EBO Exam Report- Online September 2022 Outline Report on Results and Candidate Outcomes Candidates 462 total candidates Category: Resident: 259 Specialist: 203 Country Candidates from 28 Countries: ·         Austria ·         Belgium ·         Bulgaria ·         Croatia ·         Czech Republic ·         Denmark ·         Estonia ·         Finland ·         France ·         Germany ·         Greece   ·         Hungary ·         Ireland […]

FEBOS-ESOPRS Subspecialty Exam 2023, Applications now open

Applications for the FEBOS-ESOPRS Exam 2023 are now open on the FEBOS-ESOPRS Exam page. Full details and format of the exam including application forms are now available: EBO-ESOPRS SUBSPECIALTY EXAM | (ebo-online.org) Application Deadline: March 10th 2023


To the European Board of Ophthalmology.

The European Board of Ophthalmology (EBO) was founded in 1992 in London. It is a permanent working group of the Ophthalmology Subspecialty Section of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS).

The Board has specifically been given the task of overseeing the standards of education in ophthalmology in Europe (UEMS Countries) with the goal of harmonizing knowledge and training by four means: the EBO exam, accreditation of centres , CME control and Grants.

The National Delegates of the Board include clinicians and academicians with specific ophthalmological skills, expertise and a broad geographic distribution. Two delegates are nominated from each country of the European Union, Norway, Turkey and Switzerland by the National Ophthalmological Societies. One delegate represents academic ophthalmology and one represents the professional practitioners. The delegates are chosen for a four year term. One additional four-year term is permitted.

Renata Ivekovic, MD,PhD,FEBO

EBO President

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