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Instructions & Rules for Online EBO Exams

Exam Preparation instruction

1. You must consider where you will take the exam (that there is adequate broadband, a minimum speed of 1.5Mbps is recommended, please ensure to secure a strong connection in order to avoid issues during the exam), you must ensure that it is quiet, no one else is present and you will be undisturbed for the duration of the exam.

2. You must consider what device (a Windows 10 or MacBook laptop or desktop should be adequate (not a tablet or mobile phone), but you must have a webcam, audio functions, and broadband connectivity).

3. The minimum recommended resolution is 1024 x 768 in 16-bit colour

4. The latest version of Google Chrome is required (you will be asked to install a Chrome extension as part of the remote proctoring for the exam).

5. Ensure you are connected to a reliable power source before you start your exam.

6. If you are writing the exam from a home network shared with the family, ask other members of your family not to use the internet during your exam.

7. This exam will be “remotely proctored”, which means invigilation will occur by someone watching you take the exam via your webcam. The system will watch your screen as you take the exam, watch you via your webcam and listen to any sound in the room via your microphone.

8. Your webcam and screenshare must be visible throughout the exam, where a break in connection occurs the Proctor will ask you to refresh the page; the exam timer will continue throughout this process (a strong broadband connection is recommended to reduce the risk of such a break occurring).

9. If you have difficulty during your exam, you should tell the proctor you are contacting EBO about it, and email directly outlining the issue. This does not guarantee that we will be able to help you if you have technical problems.

10. If your connection is interrupted during the exam, please email to inform us directly as soon as your connection is restored, and re-access your exam via the provided link.

11. You will be provided two links in the days before the exam: each link is specific to one part of the exam. Please be sure you know which is your MCQ section, and which your clinical case section.

12. The exam is available in English only; all questions must be answered in English.


Exam rules

A breach of one or more of these rules may result in disqualification from the exam.

1. You must show a photo ID to prove identity (e.g., passport/ driver license/ national ID card, etc.)

2. You must be in the room on your own throughout the exam.

3. You must show your exam station using the webcam, so the proctor can be confident there are no extra materials/ items that are not allowed.

4. You must stay at your station for the duration of the exam.

5. You are allowed – if absolutely necessary – to use the toilet once for five minutes. Raise your hand or use the proctor chat box to inform the proctor you are going to the toilet. The exam timer will continue for the time you are using the toilet.

6. Blank paper and pen are permitted for you to jot down your thoughts, but any used sheets must be destroyed at the end of the MCQ and the Clinical cases sections otherwise they will be considered as notes. As stated in point 9. no notes are allowed. You will be disqualified if don’t destroy any used sheets.

7. You are allowed a drink and a snack.

8. You will not be able to ask questions about the exam content: proctors are not clinicians.

9. You are not allowed to bring any books, dictionaries, reference materials, notes or translation tools. If you have Google translate installed on your laptop, you MUST deactivate it before the exam. This is a closed-book exam.

10. You are not allowed to use headphones, EarPods/ air pods or headsets, watches must be removed.

11. You are not allowed to use a second screen.

12. You are not allowed to use your phone or communicate with anyone.

13. Any attempt to copy, capture on camera or distribute material related to EBO exam questions is prohibited.


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